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The Lookalike Folly

As companies become customer-first, their valuable audiences become more specific. Perhaps your most valuable customers have ...

November 29, 2018

Marketing Science Starts in Physics Class

A slightly altered version of the content in this article has been published ...


More Control

Marketers ought to have a right to control, transparency and ownership over how they use ...


A Linguist's View on Audience Targeting

In this post, I want to outline a linguist’s take on Semantic Behavioral Targeting. The ...


All Marketing Data isn't Created Equal

It’s become clear that all marketing data isn’t created equal. While demographic information ...


Build Smarter Audiences with Natural Language Processing

“Fashion blog.” “Political news.” “Drone enthusiast forum.”


Clever Isn’t Enough: Why the Future of Marketing is in Machine-Learning

 “With just the right copy, it’ll work.”

behavioral targeting

How ‘Information Destruction’ Hobbles Digital Marketing

What unites your audience? It’s a basic question, and if you’ve done research or run ...