Helping Marketers Beat the Black Friday Competition

An incredible amount of money will be wasted showing ads to irrelevant users during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This doesn’t need to be the case. We recently launched a new solution to address this: a suite of highly specific Semantic Standard Behavioral Audiences created from an analysis of the top-selling Black Friday and Cyber Monday products. These will be available in the leading demand side platforms (DSPs).

Semasio changed the game to educate advertisers that they don’t need to advertise programmatically in the same old ways:

  1. By choosing off the shelf, pre-categorized third-party segments in their DSP. The advertiser’s competitors in the same vertical are driving up advertising costs for that audience by using the same segment.
  2. By using a contextual solution to target pages, not people. Pages don’t buy things, people do. By targeting a page, you pay a premium, are surrounded by competitors, and fail to reach your ideal audience as they consume across the web. This is particularly true during hot shopping seasons like Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

By taxonomically bucketing users or by targeting pages, not users, you take away the users’ individualities. You fail to understand the person’s true, deterministic driving factors. And this negatively affects the factors that matter most to you: ROI and insights.

Unlike other third-party data providers, Semasio invites marketers to inquire about the recency and frequency settings of any standard segment they want to use.

The key to a successful targeting strategy is a custom solution that combines the best and excludes the worst of behavioral and contextual solutions.

If a user visits a page, we append the most significant terms and phrases to their profile. Advertisers query our more than one billion profiles from more than 30 languages to build custom segments from keywords and phrases. Or, advertisers use their own first-party data to find users across the web who are semantically similar. Segments adapt in real time to users’ consumption so that they always represent true affinity.

We expect our standard segments will outperform generic off-the-shelf segments. But, the ideal strategy is one that brings together a custom solution, which considers all of your strategic initiatives and their KPIs.

Regardless of how you get started -- Standard or Custom -- when your competitors are wasting their budget on antiquated strategies, Semasio will help you target only the most valuable users this holiday season.

Win the Holidays! 

Author: Mikael Holcombe-Scali

Mikael Holcombe-Scali is Business Development Manager at Semasio, based in New York City.
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