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Toss Your Audience Assumptions Out the Window

Despite the rise of quantitative marketing powered by machine learning and AI, most marketing decisions are still made on gut ...


September 18, 2018

The Stoic's Guide to Programmatic Advertising

Stoicism teaches us that eternal change is a truth of our nature. It informs us that in ...


Market to Your Customers in their Own Words

There’s an audience comprised of your perfect customers out there – if only you could read ...


Now You Can Clone Your Best Customers

Your next customers will likely look like your existing customers.

Build Smarter Audiences with Natural Language Processing

“Fashion blog.” “Political news.” “Drone enthusiast forum.”

user profiling

Clever Isn’t Enough: Why the Future of Marketing is in Machine-Learning

 “With just the right copy, it’ll work.”

behavioral targeting

How ‘Information Destruction’ Hobbles Digital Marketing

What unites your audience? It’s a basic question, and if you’ve done research or run ...

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